Codecs and Flash gone!


Until last week I had a nice working opensuse 13.2 setup working. Then, with one update, something odd happened. Since then I cannot view movies anymore, and the flash plugin in firefox crashes.

I tried to re-install the codecs with the one-click-install - no change; I told zypper to reinstall everything from packman - no change either.

By the looks of it, all codecs and multimedia packets are installed, but still (nearly) nothing works. The exception I found is that I could rip a DVD into an mp4 file - which I could not open with Kaffein (black screen) or VLC (seems to see something from the file, like it having 12 chapters, length, audio track german mono, etc, but neither sound nor picture)

At the same time, the flash plugin in firefox stopped working - when I click on a youtube link, the browser stops, and, after a long timeout, presents the youtube page with a crashed flash plugin.

Any Ideas how to tackle this? I have absolute no clue where I should start looking. Google always ends up with “to install multimedia codecs in SuSE linux, click here”…

Yours, Christian

Video maybe? What card, what driver and did you install the driver by hand. If you did you need to reinstall it if you had a kernel update. Could be you are running with a older backup driver

Yes, I’ve got a manually installed video driver (nvidia 346.47 - newest is 346.59 or such). There was no kernel update recently, or I would have been forced to re-install the driver anyway.

Thanks, gogalthorp!

Although it didn’t make sense to me, I shut down X and re-installed the NVIDIA driver. Now everything works again. But I’m still wondering why it actually stopped working - Usually, when I have to re-install the driver after an update, X does not start at all. This time, this was not the case.


Also updates to xorg-x11-server or Mesa will give you problems when doing a manual install. Although there were none of those either recently…
But still, I would suggest to reinstall the driver anyway.
Btw, any particular reason why you don’t want to use the packages from the “official” repo? Would make things much easier… :wink:

And make sure that you don’t have libvdpau_va_gl1 installed. This would break nvidia’s VDPAU support, i.e. hardware video decoding.
If you have xf86-video-intel installed, remove that as well, as it might pull in libvdpau_va_gl1 on updates.