Codec Repositories

Is there any Codec Repositories and DivX codecs?


You need to have a look here;
Multi-media and Restricted Format
Installation Guide

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You should read this if you are new here: Welcome to multimedia sub-area - openSUSE Forums

Otherwise the codecs are in the Packman repository which you may add as a YAST source.


Most of the openSUSE codecs can be obtained by installing libffmpeg0 and ffmpeg from Packman. Their dependencies pick up a bunch of codecs.

Other codecs on packman are libquicktime0, divx, libxvidcore4 …

You can use the search engine on the packman site PackMan :: search engine and get a hit something like this :
PackMan :: search results for codec

Note that the videolan packagers and the packman packagers never agreed on a common location for codecs, and hence if you install both videolan and packman repositories in your software package manager you have a high probability of breaking your multimedia applications. You could have codecs installed and be able to use them.

Hence for this reason, and for other reasons, I always recommend users stick with 4 and only 4 repositories, and no more. Those 4 are OSS, non-OSS, Update and Packman. If a 5th is needed I recommend users add the 5th repository, install the app off of the 5th, and then remove the 5th repository.