Codeblocks on openSuse 11.2

Has anybody got this to work yet? wxGTK and wxWidgets are installed BUT I getting the error:

codeblocks: relocation error: /usr/lib/ symbol _Z18wxSafeConvertWX2MBPKw, version WXU_2.8 not defined in file with link time reference

I’m not too sure how to get this to work. The splash screen loads then I get the above error. Could somebody show me how they’ve installed codeblocks.

I’ve been trying to install code blocks via one click. The problem is it’s saying that nothing provides “ (GLIBC_2.11)” <— i guess this is causing the problem.


I would suggest you try to install the rpm available at

Index of /repositories/devel:/tools:/ide/openSUSE_11.2

Yast should complain about any missing dependencies. Try it and see what happens.