codeblocks installed from obs wont start due to symbol lookup error

Installed codeblocks from obs using:
and installing using “add repository and installing manually”. Installation threw no errors.

In trying to run from terminal get error below:

(base) tom@mydesktop:~> codeblocks
codeblocks: symbol lookup error: codeblocks: undefined symbol: _ZN10EditorBase8GetTi
(base) tom@mydesktop:~> 

 From the gui in the menu directory there is no start at all.

Don’t know if this error is a coding error or some installation key error. Can anyone shed some light on this?

There is another community effort on codeblocks that I did not try.

thanks, tom kosvic

For /home Repos ask the User who build it…

As you decided to be silent about what repository you actually added the obvious first answer - you added the wrong repository.

The name of the repo was in the link but I will put it in again. The commands (under Add repository and install manually for openSUSE Leap 15.4) were

zypper addrepo
zypper refresh
zypper install codeblocks

This process installed codeblocks. The right repo was used and codeblocks was installed. I don’t appreciate your snide remarks that did not show that you even read the issue. Installion was not the issue. The issue is that it doesn’t run and throws errors as listed previously.

tom kosvic

Problem solved. I compiled codeblocks myself from their download source.

Works fine thus far. Newer version than on obs, also.

tom kosvic