cobbler autoinstall

I am trying to use cobbler to install opensuse leap 15. I am getting the following errors:

Here is my autoyast_install.xml. I haven’t seen a autoyast linter…

Hi browncow999,

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Leap 15.1 is EOL since several months. Better go for 15.2 or 15.3.

Leap 15.2 and 15.3 are not in the cobbler signatures yet.

Hmm, I can’t help with cobbler. But 15.2 was released over a year to go. Are you sure you need to rely on a signature that only offers a distro that is out of support i.e. security patches?
I just quickly checked their website:

AFAIU it’s for automated setups. I assume you don’t only use it on one machine? Then maybe it’s worth the bother to import a newer version?

I’ll reach out to the developers via git or and see if I can get that put in.

Either way I need some help fixing my autoinstall.xml. That’s what I really need some help with.

Cobbler got updated with the correct signatures. I am trying to install OpenSUSE 15.2 LEAP and i’m getting the same errors.

Yeah, sorry. Got carried away with the versions. I can’t really help. I have created an autoyast on my system, and for example “profile line 3 …” is the same as yours:

<profile xmlns="" xmlns:config="">

Asking the duck for “opening and ending tag mismatch” gives several hits:

It seem a slash is needed to close a tag. But I have no idea of XML code.