Cluster help with heartbeat

I have installed heartbeat, got it started fine. Now I need to set a cluster IP address, in a simple configuration. Basically one server should take over that address in the event the other goes down. The servers reach an application that’s backend is an already clustered mysql server, so all I need is just the IP address.

However, I am a bit confused at this point about setting this up. Currently the machines both have 2 NICs. The addresses are as follows:
Suse11A: eth0/ eth1/
Suse11B: eth0/ eth1/

I would like to set a cluster address to Reading through the config documentation, I thought I needed to add the following line to haresources:
Suse11A IPAddr::

I think the problem I am having is how I would continue further setting up the eth0 for this address? I thought that the heartbeat IPAddr script would automatically assign an IP alias…correct? Yet is not found, so obviously I have not set this up correctly somewhere. My log is as follows:

info: Acquiring resource group: suse11a IPaddr::
info: Running /etc/ha.d/resource.d/IPaddr start
INFO: Using calculated netmask for
INFO: eval ifconfig eth0:0 netmask broadcast
INFO: Success