Clueless newbie

Hi, Can anyone help me?

It seems I have successfully navigated YaST and installed BitTorrent. But I cant find it in /…Applications or anywhere? Is there something else I should know?


Hi. I don’t know which bittorrent client you installed. But the “executable” file should be stored in /usr/bin. See, if you can find it there. If you know the name of your client you can press Alt + F2 in KDE and Gnome to open a small runner. Type the name of your client, for me it’s ktorrent, and it will start. When you run KDE you can add a bittorrent shortcut to your startmenu when you right-click the startmenu button and go to K-menu settings something (on my german desktop it reads K-Menü einrichten).

Thanks for your interest. I thought the package i dl was called Bittorrent. What’s appeared in my /usr/bin with todays date is X11 link to folder?

Hmm, have you installed a gui to bittorrent? Search yast for qbittorrent or bittorrent-gtk. Or use ktorrent. It’s installed by default when KDE is installed. If you prefer command line clients use rtorrent.

I’m sure Ktorrent would be ok -but I cant find it. Are u sure it’s installed with 10.3

Hmm, dont’t know if it’s installed by default on 10.3. If it doesn’t work with Alt+F2 and then typing ktorrent, search Yast for ktorrent. It’s in the oss repo and in packman. Or search Webpin

KTorrent is great, thanks.