Cloud images

I have need to make an Leap 42.1 cloud image for some work I am doing, but there is nothing
to download in repository/images for the Leap cloud:images project. What am I missing? Do I
just need to build this in OBS? If so, I will endeavor to learn how to do so.



Depends on what virtualization technology you’re using for the cloud.

So, for instance IMO the current openSUSE images for Docker are pretty good (They’re created by openSUSE and deployed in the Docker cloud repository, and can be deployed locally or at a Cloud Provider).

There are JeOS (Just Enough Operating System) images available in Kiwi (which is developed on your local machine and then deployable anywhere), and I’d expect that the same offerings should exist in OBS.

Personally, I’ve rarely used an image created by someone else, I’ve almost always used an image I created unless there was a good reason to do otherwise.