Cloud images (AMIs) for openSUSE Tumbleweed aren't available for AWS me-central-1 region

in AWS, region me-central-1 (UAE) is relatively new, and because of that many cloud images providers don’t build their images for that region. While Leap images are being published for the region, Tumbleweed aren’t.
Where do I need to report this so I can start using openSUSE Tumbleweed (alongside Leap) in AWS me-central-1 region?

AWS likely controls this - you should start there.

referring to the following image as shown in the screenshot:

This image is owned and published by Innovators for openSUSE which is a community project by openSUSE

UPDATE: Screenshot is from AWS EC2 launch wizard. The screen shows the step to search and pick a AMI (image) which is used to bootstrap a EC2 instance. Searching for “opensuse tumbleweed” from me-south-1 region shows two images, one published by Innovators for openSUSE, and another by SmartAMI. Searching the same in me-central-1 region doesn’t show first image, but second only.

In that case, I would suggest opening a ticket in bugzilla - not sure who owns that, but that’s probably an effective way to find out.

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Done. The bug reported can be accessed here:

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