Cloud backup that works in OpenSUSE

I’ve been using CrashplanPro for automatic cloud backup for a few years. Their latest update no longer works – I’m suspecting it could be an electron issue. That said, they offer absolutely no support for an “unsupported operating system” (they support Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, etc.). I’ve tried downgrading to the last version that worked, but it insists on loading the latest version (probably an online update). I’ve asked how to downgrade, but I’ve gotten no answer. In any case, is there a good cloud backup application that can run problem free in the background for OpenSUSE?

On Tumbleweed I use UrBackup to backup my clients to my NAS. Then restic with rclone to backup to pCloud.
It should be possible to use the restic/rclone combo on the client directly. But this solution is not supported by a GUI.
rclone supports a lot of backends.

The pCloud client is also running on Tumbleweed as appimage.

I’ll have to take a look at this. Has anyone tried IDrive? It looks promising and they specifically mention that it is supported under OpenSUSE. It looks like their Linux support consists of a set of python scripts, with an online interface.