Closing of software management after installation of package

When is installation of package finished, software management is automatically closed, This feature is since Alpha1, 11.1
If you forget to install any package, you have to launch software management again.
I´m interested in, how is your opinion? Does any other distro have the similar feature?

Yeah it can be a pain

I also use Mandriva which does not automatically close. I know of no other package manager that does. I don’t like it…

I don’t think this behavior is by design. I think it’s a bug.

open suse 11.0 stays open just this one closes

Normally, once all packages are installed, you should get a question dialog if you need to install additional packages… as pilotgi states, it could be a bug.

It could be an idea to post the question in the factory mail list. They should be able to give you a conclusive answer. (You can subscribe by sending a plain text email to , check here for more info : Communicate/Mailinglists)


I might file a bug report/ feature request. I liked the fact that it asked you, I think it should be an option for it to ask you to install something else or just close.

Filed a bug report after searching turned up nothing.

I filed a bug which was closed as wontfix. Again reopened.

Just threw in an extra thought :wink:

I think you guys are right that it would be an annoyance if the function ’ just disappears ’ .