closing lid causes grub failure

hey every1,
this is a bit surprising! i hav openSUSE 11.1(KDE 4.0) installd with WinVista on my Acer Aspire 4520. everything else seems to be working out fine bt when i close my lid while openSUSE is running, i don know wat happens, the session doesn come back at all. Actually, my screen stays blank. I had to manually reset the system coupla times. Even worse, after the system restarts, i get the message “No Operating System found.” And everytime this happens, I have used my linuxmint liveCD to reinstall grub. This has been bothering me big time. please help.

i found an interesting article about this here: :: How to suspend and hibernate a laptop under Linux
bt i still wanna know why does grub vanish? n can i get tuxonice for openSUSE 11.1?

Just a guess, but maybe this is NOT a failure, but rather is a feature.

My speculation would be that by closing the lid, you are putting openSUSE into a hibernation mode. When you restart, it recovers from the hibernation mode, going direct to openSUSE, bypassing grub.

I suspect if you shutdown normally (and do not close the lid) then grub will show up normally when you restart.

When you close the lid, it sounds like it is going into suspend to disk mode, as opposed to suspend to ram mode.

What happens is that the contents of memory are written to disk and grub is altered so that it will boot from this saved “partition” (or rather a hibernation file) instead of giving you the normal boot options.

Unfortunately suspend and resume rarely work under any Linux distribution, and all you will get (as I do) is a black screen and your power lights on.

Suspend to RAM is no better, you simply get the black screen faster :.

I think if you use the vesa video driver instead of any video card specific one (ie the Nvidia or ATI drivers), you will have a better chance of suspend actually working.

But I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one :sarcastic:.

On my Dell Studio 15 laptop, there is a key that I can press that puts the Dell to a “hibernation mode” (suspend to disk) that actually works reasonably well in openSUSE-11.1. After resuming, both wireless and audio work.

The fact that Dell also sell this laptop (with a Linux distribution installed) suggests that they may have helped in working out the glitches to ensure this functionality was ok.

i guess i will jus not close my laptop lid till the thing is figured out! im tryinna install tuxonice. any suggestions!?
wish me luck!
thanx for the help guyz!

i dunno how; mayb updates. my laptop is workin fine.
im stickin to openSUSE for a long time ; i guess.
dis is purrfect!

So is suspend now working properly?