Close Lid, Suspend to Ram, No Sound

Just like the title says, my sound works fine off a fresh reboot but when i close the lid to my laptop and the computer suspends, when i come back and put in my password and try to play music or watch a video online there is no sound and i have to reboot the machine to get it back.

I am guessing a quick fix would be to restart the sound service but i dont know how to do that. But a permanent fix would be much appreciated.

Toshiba p105 s9337 laptop
conexant sound card
OpenSuse 11.1 with kde4.2 off a fresh install
Linux experience - 4 months ubuntu 8.10, just over a week with opensuse 11.1 w/kde4.2

Any help is much appreciated, I love all things linux since switching last fall. Ubuntu is great, and so far Suse has been pretty **** pimp. I have been learning a lot and having too much fun…fun that cant be found in windows. I thank all who reply and hope that this thread can help others in my situation

OpenSource for life.>:)

Have a look at this pm-utils HOWTO.

You need to create a small script(located in /etc/pm/sleep.d directory, that unloads the sound module on suspend and reloads on resume (or restart alsa). The HOWTO has a template script that you can edit to achieve this.

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BTW, restarting alsa manually can be done with

rcalsasound restart (as root)

Good luck. :slight_smile: