Close Lid Do Nothing not working


Using openSUSE 12.3. I want the computer to do nothing when I close the laptop lid but instead it is suspending. Under tweak tool I have changed settings to nothing, blank and interactive, but every time it still suspends. How can I change this?


Which “tweak tool”?

It came pre-installed. When I open the list of all installed programs, there is one just called “Tweak Tool”

> there is one just called “Tweak Tool”

what desktop environment? and its version?

do you have an app called “Configure Desktop” or “Personal Settings”?

does the “Tweak Tool” include window panes on “Power Management” and
then “Power Profiles”?


That dos nothelp very much. You should realy be more talkative. Like how do you get “the list of all installed programs”.
When I use YaST > Software > Software Managment and search for tweak, the nearest package name is gome-tweal-tool. Not installed on my system. But it may be on yours when you use Gnome.

You should have told you use Gnome and that it is a tool somewhere in Gnome. We can not guess those things.

Nearly all versions of 12.X openSUSE/GNOME had this “tweak tool” installed by default.
It works a bit like d-conf editor but is a lot user friendly but a lot less configurable items

@ op- Did you also check power settings and brightness in control center (alt+F2==>gnome-control-center)?

That is nice to know, but if the OP had told from the beginning that he is using Gnome aqnd used it’s Tweak tool, I hadn’t even bothered to spend time on this thread because I am not a Gnome user and thus are useless in these circumstances.

On 03/31/2013 07:36 PM, hcvv wrote:
> I am not a Gnome user and thus are
> useless in these circumstances.

me too…i think i will just stop asking what desktop they use, and
go elsewhere.