I tried to install openSUSE and got it disasterously wrong; the application for backup didn’t work either.

So I found another backup program; selfImage which according to forums only works for cloning.

Before I try to install openSUSE again I want backup; but I noticed Windows keeps messing with the cloned image.

The backup drive is two partitions, one for clone and the other for program installers and I would like, the idea was to frequently update the program installers.

Is it normal for Windows to mess with a cloned image and does it matter?

What is it doing writing to it from startup anyway?:\

If you’re new to linux you may find yourself more comfortable using a windows application to backup your windows installation.

Otherwise I’d use an specialized livecd distro, something like partition magic or other. Or, if it’s a local cloning, this may be a solution:

Cloning an old drive to a new drive - openSUSE Forums

It worked for me when I had to change my wife’s computer drive.

But first you may want to read this:

NEWBIES - Suse-11.1 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums

It seems that your problems may relate to bad choices on partitioning and bootloader settings. Usually you’d keep your windows partition(s), maybe shrinking them if you need the space, and installing opensuse in a dual-boot system, where you can choose, at boot time, in what OS you want to boot. The installation can do this for you, but sometimes you may need to fine-tune a few settings. More info here (for opensuse 11.0):

and here, if you prefer to use the windows bootloader (I don’t :)):

Thankyou, I’ve had a rethink when I found Maxtor MaxBlast. Much better since it checks the integrity of the file and can run it in a virtual drive.

So I’m getting there.:slight_smile: