Cloning of Hard Drive

Is there any recommended software, run from a CD, which is capable of making an exact reproduction of a hard drive set up as a dual boot system on another identical hard drive? The hard drive in question runs Windows XP in fat32 and SUSE Linux 11.2 in ex4(I think?).I would like both hard drives to be able to run the same computer.



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You are looking for dd.

dd is great

The following command will create an image file “disk1.img” in your user’s directory from /dev/sda:
eg: *dd if=/dev/sda of=~/disk1.img

*To restore a partition or a hard disk from an image file, just exchange the arguments “if” and “of”. For example, restore the whole hard disk from the image file “disk1.img”:
dd if=disk1.img of=/dev/sda