Clonezilla problem with openSUSE Leap 15.5

Hello all;

I’m using Clone zilla to backup all my type of Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS). Using Image-to-file option. The restore works perfectly.

However when using Clonezilla with Suse, the back is done ok, but the restore cause after reboot falling into Grub command. The Clonezilla restore do send a message of restore failure on boot related issue, I don’t really remember.


  1. anyone had the same problem and found solution?
  2. Any other type of backup tool for openSuse?


As you have almost no description on what happnes (like messages, exact steps, etc.) this is almost impossible to say.

There are may of tools and ways to use those tools to be used in a backup/restore scenario. It all depends on the backup policy (like what type of disaster are you trying to do it for).

Hello again all;

I use Clozezilla for my other Linux machines (Ubuntu, CentOS) to do montly backups for safekeep my development. Once in a while I do need to restore and all is fine.

But for openSUSE Leap 15.5, restoring a backup destroy the original GRUB, hence the openSUSE do not restart as previously.

I read from some other input in the forum and elsewhere that Clonezilla does not save the original GRUB but re-creates it. It seems the openSUSE one is different them what Clonzilla creates. I wonder how to circumvent this problem.

I would appreciate any comments

thank you

Sorry, but you seem not to understand what I mean with description. I do not mean that you explain that you used other distributions. I mean that you explain what exactly you copy (disks, partitions, …?) to where and what you copy back to where.

And I assume that you should at least show how your system is set up with respect of the mass storage with commands like:

fdisk -l
lsblk -f
cat /etc/fstab

So that people can see the reality behind your story telling.