Clone/image openSUSE 11

has anyone successfully cloned/imaged an openSUSE 11 system?
I see a strange problem after I cloned my openSUSE 11 system, the system freezes after about a minute after login.
/var/log/messages tells me nada :frowning:


It could be the reizerfs (if your root fs is reizer) or beagle issue playing up.

There has also been a change in default inode size, but if you have beagle try stopping/uninstalling that first to see if it helps.

My filesystem is ReiserFS since ZENworks imageing was unable to image the new EXT3 inode default size.
What could it be with ReiserFS?
I will try disabling beagle and see if it helps.


see do not install on reiserfs - Page 2 - openSUSE Forums

thanks kernelOfTruth, as for reiserfs… it’s reiserfs and not reizerfs :stuck_out_tongue:

too much coffee again!

So the solution for the hang was solved by:

  1. Editing /etc/fstab and changing the reiser option to noatime,noacl

  2. rm the beagle startup script in /etc/xdm?/autostart/beag…

  3. removing beagle from /etc/cron.daily/

  4. Disabling Firefox beagle extension.

Don’t know if all of these steps are necessary but after doing this the system runs fine.

Thank’s for your help!


It’s better not to remove startup scripts by hand, but you could better use yast->software manager->search for beagle and remove all that beagle stuff. Removing startup scripts by hand might cause problems upon (security) update sessions with yast, zypper or the update applet.

Good that is sorted! & thanks for posting your steps to clear things up.