Clone Disk Fails to Complete Boot


I have sys with 13.1 that has been running for while whithout any problem.
I have made a clone of the whole boot disk. The new disk fails to complete
the boot.

Using esc I saw the message:

Dependency failed for /home
Dependency failed for Local File SYstems

BTW, I made beforehand a test on another sys - dual boot ubuntu/opensuse -
and the ubuntu part will boot up with no problem but the opensuse failed.

Any ideas?


Of course it fails. By default partitions are mounted by UUID, which is unique for every harddisk. So now your fstab on the cloned disk contains the UUID from the original disk, which doesn’t match the cloned disk’s UUID.
You could boot the system from a Live USB, mount the root folder and change the mounting by UUID to the old way, i.e. /dev/sda1 etc. Once you’ve booted from a Live USB that shouldn’t be too hard to find out. AFAIK recent Ubuntu’s also use UUID in the fstab, but not 100% sure.

Thank you for your prompt response.

Your advice on how to correct the problem has worked.

Checked fstab on my ubuntu/opensuse installation and in uses uuid.
But the clone boots fine withou any changes.

UUID is a sudo random number that is created when you create a partition and attached to the partition. So it depends on when you create the partition what number gets assigned. Cloning may or may not copy the number depending on the way you do it and tools used