Clock Setting Problem

Open SUSE 11.2 Milestone -
I have installed Dual Boot (through Grub), Windows Vista and Linux (now Open Suse 11.2 Milestone)

I have run into a problem with the clock. Under environment, I have set the hardware clock time to local time, Time Zone to (Asia/Kolkata) and the Default Time Zone also to Asia/Kolkata. Each time I boot in the clock goes back by 5 Hrs 30 min.

My observations are:

a) UTC off (i.e. hardware clock set to local time, Time Zone (Asia Kolkata) and default Time Zone any the clock goes slow by 5:30 Hrs.

b) Hardware clock set to -u, the clock goes ahead by 11:00 Hrs.

c) A check of the boot log shows the point at which the clock is being reset while booting :
“<notice – Oct 30 21:54:50.548956000> service boot.clock startSet System Time to the current Hardware Clockdone
<notice – Oct 30 16:24:50.704945000> service boot.clock done”
The command comes from the file etc/boot.d/K02boot.clock.

There is obviously a bug in this file or one of the files it calls up.

Makes no difference whether I am on line (Broad Band) or operating as stand alone.

At the moment I resort to resetting the time each time I start SUSE 11.2.

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First: there should be some setting to get it right, better is to use NTP. NTP can be configured from Yast, and syncs your system’s time from a time-server.

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What milestone, this was a known bug from a few milestones ago.

Run mkinitrd as root user and all should be fine.

You could look at installing RC2 or wait until next week for the

PS: since it’s a pre-release/beta you should post issue in :wink:

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Sorry mkinitrd doesnt solve the problem.


I had been resigned to live with the clock problem till the Final Release (in a few day?). However, yesterday, I ran the online update and noticed that one of the packages updated was mkinitrd. Obviously the next step was to run mkinitrd as root. And that did the trick. Thanks.