clickpad configuration: let top edge register only clicks, no taps/movement (synclient)

I have a Lenovo with a clickpad (looks like this). Notice the top strip above the red lines? I want that area of the clickpad to register clicks–a left click in the left half of that area and a right click in the right half of that area. (no middle click) However, I don’t want that area to register movement or taps–nothing except clicks.

As far as getting the left and right clicks to register in the proper areas–I’ve already accomplished this with the RightButtonAreaTop handle in synclient.

However, I haven’t found a way to disable only tapping and movement (while still allowing clicks) in only a specific portion of the touchpad using synclient (or anything else, for that matter). Any ideas? To clarify, I DO want clicks, movement, and tapping to register below the red lines. (But as of now, those things register over the entire clickpad, which I do not like.)

So to answer my own question:

The command

synclient AreaTopEdge=2500

accomplishes this. (One can vary the value as desired. A value of 0 means that no area is disabled.)

I put a script containing that command (as well as other touchpad configuration commands I wanted) in the Autostart utility.

Interesting. Can you post the entire script for others to use.
Isn’t there an /etc/synaptics or synaptiks configuration to control the touchpad behavior?

Sure, I don’t see why not. Here it is. Note, however, that I just wrote it according to my own preferences–others may wish to have different commands.

synclient RightButtonAreaTop=0         # allows the entire right half of the clickpad to register a right-click (as opposed to just the corners)
                                       # Note, however, that this is for clicks.  A mere tap, in ANY area of the clickpad, registers as a left-click.

synclient AreaBottomEdge=0             # If running this script alone, then this command is intrinsically useless.
                                      # I just have it in so as to cancel the effects of a different clickpad script that I switch to occasionally

synclient AreaTopEdge=2500              # the subject of this thread

synclient VertEdgeScroll=1                 # By default, only two-finger scroll is enabled.  I prefer vertical edge scroll, which this command enables.

syndaemon -i 1 &                               # It's a big bulky clickpad, and I have big hands, so my typing was interferring with the cursor movements.
                                                        # This command disables while typing and for one second thereafter
                                                        # I am aware that synclient has a palm detect command for the same purpose,
                                                        # but I wasn't able to configure that correctly.
                                                        # And I'd prefer this to the palm detect command, anyway--I don't trust such high amounts of automation.

With regard to /etc/synaptics , no I don’t see such a file in my /etc. I don’t think you would want that anyway, as these are the kinds of settings that you like to play around with. That’s easier to do when you just have script(s) that you set to run at startup.

When you say “synaptiks configuration,” I presume that you are alluding to a gui utility. With those, the above reason holds, and also the gui touchpad configuration tools don’t give you nearly enough options to set a comfortable configuration.