clicking sound after boot and when sound is needed.

Sorry. This is somewhat of a duplicate post that I made in the the closed Tumbleweed section.

Since then, I have been trying to edit my power_save options and checking various Wikis from other distros. The other distros recommend setting the power_save=0, but I can’t seem to do it in YAST.
I get an error message that says " Restart of the sound system has failed. Check the options of the driver" and I’m not exactly sure where to look and how to manually set any options or where to put any new lines, if needed.

Any direction for a workaround will be greatly appreciated.


I thought that I would post a couple of discussions others have been having involving this issue. I’ll probably just wait and see if it corrects itself as these things often do. Stuff can roll pretty quick in Tumbleweed! :wink: