Clicking print in Okular (KDE) causes freeze

I have a HP LaserJet 4050 printer on a wireless print server. If I open Okular and click print, or hit CTRL-p, it freezes Okular for almost 2 minutes, at which point the print dialog comes up.

I am not at the machine now, and I didn’t have time last night to check any other apps, so it may be application independent, or it may be specific to PDF’s in Okular, or even somewhere in between…

Has anyone seen this behavior before?


I haven’t seen the problem because I don’t have a similar setup but it occurs to me that, whereas a USB printer’s existence is verified by HAL, Okular may be transmitting a message via wireless to the printer and waiting for a reply in order to verify its existence before presenting the dialogue.

it appears that it was an IPv6 issue. I disabled IPv6 because of slow DNS lookups, and this issue is also now gone. thanks for the reply!