Clicking on the "Earned 'Basic'" notification results in a 404 error

I really like the new forum, thank you to all of you who put time and effort into the migration!

There is one thing I though noticed: When clicking on the notifications about earned badges in the user menu (see the first screenshot) it gives me a 404 error:

On other instances of discourse this displays some info about the badge:

Is this intentionally done so or is this a bug?
I know this is a minor thing but it would still be nice to have the links working.

- Jens

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@KaratekHD we have not enabled the badge system, not sure why they are showing up…

Ok, thank you for clarifying.
Is there any reason for the badge system being disabled? I know there have been thoughts about implementing something similar to fedora badges, maybe it would be possible to use discourse badges a base for that.

@KaratekHD it may be implemented going forward, but down the list of priorities at present :smiley:

Makes sense, thank you!