CLI utilities?

I have been wondering how to get the terminal utilities such as “ifconfig” and “traceroute”. I used to have Ubuntu and when you didn’t have an application intstalled, it told you to type sudo apt-get install <package name>. i tried it on SUSE, but all i got was “bash: apt-get: command not found.” then i tried “install” but I don’t think thats the command. any help?

man zypper in a console should help with installing from cli


what deltaflyer said, AND read up on the SUSE way in: Basic openSuSE

that is, there are SEVERAL ways to install new programs on SUSE, none
of them use apt…

on the other hand, i do believe that both “ifconfig” and “traceroute”
are in the default install…but, have you tried and not been able
to use them??

OH, they are both in /sbin which requires root…so switch to root first

su -
[give password…you will NOT see what you type]

or use sudo

see caveat:
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