Clementine won't play any type of music file

I have tried mp3, m4a and flac and get the same error:

GStreamer could not create the element: autoaudiosink. Please make sure that you have installed all necessary GStreamer plugins (e.g. OGG and MP3)

I can play these files in VLC but VLC is a clunky music player.

Do I need to install every gstreamer program? I have fluendo, ffmpeg, good, bad ugly already installed.

I didn’t have k3b-codecs installed, not sure that was part of the issue.

What fixed it was a reboot. Linux is becoming more windows-like. :frowning:

Maybe restarting your session was enough ?
I’m pretty convinced installing k3b-codecs shouldn’t fix a Clementine problem.

Clementine used the Gstreamer & Gstreamer Good plugins (until recently it was gstreamer-0 packages but it has recently moved to the gstreamer-1 packages).