Clementine won't open start after update


After the latest update performed through GNOME Software Center Clementine won’t open anymore and if I try to launch it from terminal I get the following output:

clementine: symbol lookup error: clementine: undefined symbol: _ZN8CryptoPP6SHA5129TransformEPyPKy

I’ve already de- and reinstalled it with YAST2 Software Management and installed an older version downloaded from the internet manually.

Any help is appreciated.


The same has been asked a few hours earlier already:

Thank you very much, that worked!!
Unfortunately I lost my playlists…now I know that I should back them up from time to time.

Sorry, I did not look into that category and therefore missed the thread.

Thanks again!

Thanks, that works

Uninstalled the release of Clementine that got updated earlier in the week, and installed the version directly from the RPM

I was considering building from the srcpackage, but then I read up on the list of devel packages required to compile it, and thought it might be
a bit quicker to just get an earlier version that had no problem on Monday, but failed after an update on Tuesday morning…

The above works, I did

sudo zypper remove clementine

then got the above to run in package installer

All my playlists were still there