Clementine v1.0.1 and v1.1 grey lines in playlist

Greetings to all !

Clementine is a wonderful MP3 player… but I’m having a display problem that I can’t figure out…

the playlist display 50% of the lines (MP3 songs) in grey…

I am able to play them, but the color is very annoying.

The problem is not present in the Windows version. (grrr)

I’m using Xfce 4.10 and loving it…

I search the net for answers to this and it seems I’m the only one having the issue… all I found was people that had songs that were no longer present on disk, which is not my case.

What am I missing ?

Any clue will be appreciated.


On 11/23/2012 12:06 AM, caddqc wrote:
> What am I missing ?

such video irregularities are often the result of video driver
issues…what graphics card and driver are you using? and what operating
system and version…

or, yours might be a problem with xfce (maybe try another, maybe from a
live CD)…or maybe it is a desktop effects problem (turn it off and
see)…or or or or

or, maybe you need to log a bug…or just put up with the anomaly,
maybe someone else will have it eventually and they will log the bug.

hard to tell what is best…


I have never seen that on my KDE desktop. However, if those grey lines occurs on every second line I would rather think it has to do with the colour set-up, either system wide or internally within Clementine. Look for alternative colour variations in lists or something similar in ‘System Settings’ (don’t know what and where in Xfce).

Just a hunch, don’t shoot me if I’m wrong:)


I found it !

After searching for a while in the Clementine display options, the Xfce appearances, Qt4 Settings, Window Manager settings, Window Manager Tweaks, etc, i finally found it !

I only had to delete the Clementine.conf (in ~/.config/Clementine) and start Clementine again…

The display was good again :slight_smile:

Thanks to both of you for your input !