Clementine incredibly high CPU usage

I installed Clementine music player on openSUSE 13.1, KDE. I disabled glowing and moods, but it still goes to 110% CPU usage in a normal play.
What seems to be wrong with it?

Well, Clementine uses gstreamer-0.10 to play the files, maybe that has a problem? You could try to configure Phonon to use the GStreamer backend and then see if Amarok has the same problem.
I cannot reproduce your problem here, clementine uses “only” 20% on my system. Amarok with the phonon-vlc-backend about 8%, but if I switch to phonon-backend-gstreamer it’s also about 20%…

Or try to disable the Visualizations. Right-click on the space between the volume control and the Play/Pause/… buttons.

No, it’s not the Phonon, it’s not the vizualizations.

I don’t know what the hell it is.

With whatever file type you play also? Might be worth the while to check where the various packages derives from, i.e. ‘gstreamer’ only from the -oss repo, or only from Packman …

That…I do not know :slight_smile: I will check.

gstreamer is from Packman…I am playing mp3 files. Thank you.

Did you change anything or is it still performing poorly?

You could test with other formats and see if Clementine consumes less playing back those files. With gstreamer mp3 playback there is at least two different packages which holds the codec in openSUSE; if the fluendo package is installed (default, I believe) try remove it and make sure you have installed ugly-orig-addon.

This is just suggestions and I rather think there is something different involved causing this huge amount of cpu usage, but one never knows.

Just tested Clementine on an Aspire E1 running openSUSE 13.1 and KDE, it uses 3-4% of the cpu playing mp3 using gstreamer and the ‘ugly’ codec.

Still very high CPU usage (about 170%), while Amarok is at 8%. :frowning:

I liked Clementine, but I had the same problem in the past … :expressionless:
Therefore I switched to VLC and amarok …