Clementine crashes when handling keyboard input


On Thursday or Friday there was big batch of updates for Tumbleweed.

After installing them and rebooting my machine, I noticed something odd:Whenever I do something with Clementine that involves the keyboard, it crashes very reliably as soon as I hit the key.

I also happen to own a laptop that runs Tumbleweed as well, and there I have the same problem, hence I suspect that there is a bug either in Clementine or Qt that has to do with the keyboard.

Allow me to point that this does not happen randomly - every single time a text input widget gets the focus, as soon as I hit a key - any key! - Clementine is gone instantly.

Has anybody else encountered this problem? Is it specific to Clementine, or is it maybe a bug in Qt? Is there some way to work around this bug?

I would be most grateful for any insights you might want to share with me.

Thank you,