Clearing Kernel Kruft?!?

I think I have 20+ kernels installed, zypper does not seem to be auto managing & deleting the old? I recently increased the size of my root partition, but this may be why space was at a premium. Please advise. Thx.


Yes they would take up considerable space now in your /boot. Use YaST (or zypper) to remove the unwanted kernels. I use YaST SM to do it via the versions tab where each one has its own line and tick-box. Select it for each version to be removed and a cross is shown against each one. After choosing to accept, after a while the unwanted kernels will be removed. Reboot and you should see only retained kernels displayed in Grub2 (> Advanced menu entry).

What package name do I search for? Ubuntu is;


in Synaptic.

In YaST Software Mnagement, you could search on “kernel”, without the quotes, to see what one you have installed. It will probably be kernel-desktop, so you could also search on that.

You didn’t mean Synaptic on openSUSE, did you?

No, merely as an example of doing the very same under Ubuntu. Thanks, crystal.

BTW, if you ran standard openSUSE 13.1 then the number of multiple kernels would be limited by default to three (IRRC), with any removals done automatically.

Not the case on Tumbleweed, and its a known issue which has been aired on the openSUSE and Factory mailing lists.

Good to know, let’s hope they sort it.