CLEAR_TMP_DIRS -> keep dir


i have set CLEAR_TMP_DIRS_AT_BOOTUP to 1. works fine.

however i mount /tmp to another partition on another drive since i use it very regulary. thus for a little speed up i also made a link from /var/tmp to a new folder /tmp/vartmp . this folder however is deleted by the cron deamon on bootup. can i prevent this? OWNER_TO_KEEP_IN_TMP does not seem to work, since both are @root.

thanks in advance!

link /var/tmp to /tmp. I admit that all files will be mixed up, but when you do not think that that is a problem.

i don’t care if the files are mixed up, the only thing i was scared of was that there might be duplets for whatever reason.

In theory that is correct, in practice I do not think so. There are more people doing this IIRC.

well then i try :slight_smile:

thanks! :slight_smile: