Clear clipboard in Konsole

Hi all, I need a command line to clear the clipboard, then who tell me how to do it automatically

To clear clipboard:

qdbus org.kde.klipper /klipper clearClipboardHistory

Seeing syampillai’s signature, his answer is for openSUSE 12.3 and KDE 4.10.5. It is also reasonable to expect that it works for other version combinations not to to far away from these. But, please mototus, allways mention which version of openSUSE you use, and when other products (like KDE here) are involved in your question, also identify their version. Do not let your potential helpers guess in the wild. And you could get a not applicabale answer also.

Yes, for older KDE versions, you may have to use dcop.

dcop klipper klipper clearClipboardHistory

great, thanx