Cleanup of distribution upgrades

Sure. awerlang used the :Z (sleepy). More: Libzypp/Dependencies - openSUSE Wiki

Just another place with no reference to “unneeded” at all.



Sure, but a prerequisite for the definition of unneeded.

More: - Dependencies, - More on Dependencies. SUSE tries to have zypper support all features of the latest version of rpm.

“Unneeded” means the auto-installed package is not referenced with respect to the broadest definition of dependency, directly or indirectly, by a user installed package.

That is a nice one!

At the moment i suspect package splits and supplements could lead to the behavior which I saw. However reading the sources will take me some more time …



You’re welcome.

Testcases related to post #1:

Everybody should have a look to this thread.
Thanks so much karlmistelberger.