Clean Install of LEAP 15 to Dual-Boot with Windows 7 on Separate Drives

I have two bootable drives: one boots Win7 and one boots an old version of OpenSUSE. I want to install a clean version of LEAP 15 on the Linux drive - no need to migrate anything, as I am starting fresh. However, I can’t remember where the GRUB file lives - if it’s on the Windows MBR or on the Linux drive. Does it matter, or will the new GRUB file take precedence with the new install? If so, can someone recommend what install settings to use during the install of LEAP 15 to the Linux drive such that 1) Windows 7 remains intact, and 2) the GRUB file is optimally located vis-a-vis dual-booting with two separate drives? My suspicion is that GRUB is on the Windows drive, which causes Windows Update some problems because it can’t access or resize the MBR (or some similar challenge). The setup I have has always worked otherwise: I get the GRUB menu on reboot and just choose which O/S to boot to, then it boots from one drive or the other, no problem.

Any other information I can provide, I would be happy to do so.


With MBR using generic code and grub installed to partition with /boot in it the boot flag determines boot. If you put grub in the MBR then the boot flag is ignored and the boot goes direct to the OS that installed grub. The install should pick up any other OS and add to the grub menu. Or you can cause a scan from Yast. In case of two drives each with it’s own OS the Linux drive should be the boot drive so you can chain to Windows from grub. Or optionally you can have a small boot directory (about 500 meg) on the Windows drive. Note there is no right way since there are a lot of options.