Clean install of 11.2 on a Thinkpad

I did try to do an update from 11.1, but that killed the thing dead, no x, no kde, just a command line log in. So clean install, leave /home alone and we seem to be firing on all cylinders, except…
Hopeless networkmanager still will not connect, it hasn’t in any version of K4, truly, from my point of view, an embarrassment as the default network connector. But, trying to re-install WICD I have run into a snag. When I click on one click in Webpin, it asked if it should install it, Oh yes please, asks for the su password and… opens konqueror with the background description of the RPM. But will not install. I tried downloading the RPM and it gives me a bit of a list of dependency problems. None of which I can seem to resolve through the usual repos.
Also in the 11.2 install I have been defaulted to the “desktop” kernel, when I used to have a PAE, should I change the kernel to PAE?

But hey, at least they didn’t break the wifi light on this release.:sarcastic:

OK, WICD is sorted, I used the Webpin option in Yast and that installed it no problem at all.