clean install 13.2 KDE now 50% CPU usage and continous harddrive for hours...

I never had any problems with 13.1 but I am suspecting its some sort of indexing that’s happening any comment?
The install was clean on / and /boot partitions with /home maintained from the 13.1 system.

Second every time I boot I have to give my wpa password for the wifi connection and cannot see how to tell it to remember… I think it was automatic on 13.1

and help would be appricated


Start a konsole and run top it will show what is eating cpu

its quite difficult to identify a major reason for cpu usage I used system monitor to give a overview of the CPU usage and it is showing CPU3 around 100% usage with a average of now about 27%
using top I see there are a few processes that are popping in around 8-9% one of these is baloo_file_extractor that I think is an indexer

Is there a way to see who is using all the disk access?

My guess its going to be baloo


Yes, baloo is an indexer.

Maybe let it run and hope that this is a one-time indexing affair.

Yes that is the new file indexer. If you don’t need it turn it off in configure desktop. If you do want/need it then let it finish indexing. If it never stops then there is a problem with it.

Surprise surprise a problem with the stupid file indexer :open_mouth:

On Sun, 09 Nov 2014 19:36:01 GMT
gogalthorp <> wrote:

> Start a konsole and run top it will show what is eating cpu

An alternative to that is the “System Monitor” (Ksysguard) GUI in which
you can sort applications according to CPU or memory usage.
Occasionally highlights interesting results (backed by top) such as when
the apps are using ~30% CPU and the total use is 95-100%.

Must say that 13.2 looks to be using more CPU than 13.1 whenever I’ve
switched from one to t’other.

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