Clean install 11, keep 10.3 /home?

Ok I’ve got 11 on the way as soon as Novell ships. I want to keep my /home with the new clean install. Would you take the time to run down the steps in doing that? or if there’s a link to something I’d appreciate it.

Bob :smiley:


I did a clean install of 11 over a 10.3 /home. It couldn’t be simpler… When you get past the initial configuration stuff in the installer it automatically decides on the partitioning. Good guide here:

Installation/11.0 DVD Install - openSUSE

It’s the best installer I ever used. I screwed up the desktop with 3D effects and had to re-install. It took around 20 mins!


It should be pretty straightforward. If you installed 10.3 in the default way, you should have three partitions on your hard drive:
SWAP …(probably 1-2x your RAM)
/ …root…(probably 10-20GB)
/home …home…(the rest of your hard drive)
When you install 11, just check the partitioning to make sure the mount point for /home is the same, and make sure that partition isn’t going to be formatted. It’s ok to reformat the root partition, but /home is what you want to keep. You can check or change this by clicking the “Advanced” button when you get to the partitioning step.

Thanx to both of you, looks easier than I figured. I appreciate the info!


watch out for compiz not going to startup after a new login.
( OpenSuSE 11.0 - Upgrade or Clean Install? - Page 5 - openSUSE Forums )

that happend to be after keeping my /home, everthing else worked just fine.

Thanx usernorth, I appreciate your input!