Clean cache/temp files on openSUSE

Hi there, to all! Ive migrated from Ubuntu to openSUSE 11.2 and Im asking if there is a need of cleaning the cache/temp files, like there was on Ubuntu… and if it`s necessary, which is the way.

Thank you to all!

in Yast you can set to clean the temp directory in various ways (on each boot, on day intervals, etc) you can also define other dirs to clean if you wish. Got for that in the /etc/sysconfig part of YaST which is in the System category and search for TMP

Thank you so much for your response!

Entered /etc/sysconfig Editor from Yast, and found the options in System -> Cron category.

There are several options there, related to deletion of temp files… it is safe to play around there?

Thanks Again!

Yes, it’s safe but you should read the descriptions of each so you know what they do or don’t

Sure! Already tweaked! Thank you again, microchip8!

Hello premamotion,

You can also have a look at BleachBit.
If you want to download it, just use the Software Search.

Good luck!:slight_smile:

Thank you so much, Edward!
That`s I was looking for!

Disk space recovered: 157.6MB
Files deleted: 5455