Clean 42.2 install cannot boot from h/d without the install medium present (need to boot via USB)

Installed 42.2 with default YAST settings (and with LVM encryped), fine on my old Samsung Series9 ivy-bridge laptop.

But when I try it on an Acer SFF desktop with an AMD Kabini chip(set), the install appears to go fine but booting is always screwy.
Three times now, same result; once as a clean install over the top of 13.2, once as LVM encrypted over 42.2, now again as default install over LVM encrypted 42.2.

Each time the boot will complain wanting the install medium. So i have to put the 42.2 formatted USB stick back in the pc, boot to that, then select boot from harddisk.
With LVM encrypted i get an additional screen where i get a GUI-less password prompt, but again - only after i have used the USB stick to get to the point where i can get beyond the m/b boot selection.

What’s going on?

Please post either exact message you see or screenshot with this message.

are you booting in efi or legacy mode
is there another OS on that PC
if in legacy the boot loader must be installed on a non encrypted partition, I don’t use LVM or encryption but if root is encrypted lvm you should install the boot loader in the mbr
if that’s an efi boot then there shuldn’t be an issue check your bios and see what kind of boot is active

cheers, that sorted it.
put it into secure boot, prompted to use the suse EFI shim on install, then proceeded to install.

one last question:
the hardware is a little SFF desktop using an AMD 15W kabini chip.
Leap is convinced it is a laptop/notebook, and that it hasn’t got its battery attached, so the desktop updater utility refuses to run.
None of the power management settings accessible from the updater utility allow me to change the ‘status’ of the device to desktop.

any idea how i rectify this?