claws-mail 3.17 using hunspell needs enchant1-backends

After a generic desktop install of Tumbleweed - it booted to IceWM - I chose the … Install/Remove Software menu item and install claws-mail.
Naturally there were no dictionaries. So I installed hunspell the approriate myspell dictionaries. No dictionaries would show in the dictionaries part of claws-mail settings until I installed additionally enchant1-backends.

Then the installed myspell dictionaries were available to choose.

The 3.17 allows the html viewer which I prefer to the viewer which always gets stuck on certain emails for me.
I had previously compiled dillo since I could not find it in Tumbleweed. The rpm is available from:

Hi, welcome,

Please do not mix packages from various distros or distro versions, and not suggest others to do so. If you miss packages in TW, ask for them ot be built, or use to build it yourself. That would at least mean the same compilers are used.

Dillo is available from openSUSE for TW

Using an RPM from another distro is tricky,
Paths can be different which may cause breakage.
Dependencies may be packaged with names the openSUSE ecosystem doesn’t recognize.

In some circumstances, an RPM from another distro may work, but it’s one of the very last options you might try.


The same issue with Leap 15.0, and followed much the same path, installing hunspell and needed dictionaries, which got me nowhere. Moreover, the above solution fails, since enchant1-backends does not seem to exist in the Leap repositories.

On further investigation, it would appear that libenchant1 has subsumed the functions of enchant1-backends. Attempts to install the .rpm version of enchant1-backends results in a conflict with libenchant1; attempting to remove libenchant1 and replace it with enchant1-backends results in more than 70 dependency failures. I give up. I’ve wasted a day and a half trying various work-arounds; I’m going back to 42.3.