Claws-mail 3.17 package should provide enchant-1-backends

Hi there !

Just installed claws-mail in the new laptop. It works great except that the dependency enchant-1-backends is missing, so the spell checker is not functional (except for Finnish because enchant-1-backend-voikko is installed)

Since claws-mail package is compiled against libenchant-1 and provides the spell checker functionality, we should include enchant-1-backends package as a dependency for the main claws-mail package.


Forum participants are mostly just ordinary users. If you are looking for something to be changed, then I suggest you file a bug report.
openSUSE:Submitting bug reports

There was an earlier similar Forum thread about Claws mail and the Enchant spell-checker but I don’t remember off the top of my head how that was resolved. Recommend you search for that before submitting a bug report to verify it’s not simply a configuration or User issue.

If you do submit a bug report, you might also verify the other “optional” features are installed, it’s general practice unless there is a specific reason to include all optional features. From the Claws Mail FAQ, the following are “optional” when compiled

**for X-Face support

**GnuPG 1.2.1 or later and GPGME 0.4.5 or later
**for GnuPG support (see How do I enable GPG support in Claws Mail?)

**GnuTLS 2.2 or later
**for SSL/TLS support

**libEtPan! 0.57 or later
**for IMAP4 support and NNTP support

**OpenLDAP 2.0.7 or later
**for LDAP support

**Enchant (and dictionaries)
**for spell-checker support

**for J-Pilot support

**for interprocess communication support
Network Manager
**for support for detection of network connection change


It needs to move to enchant2, give me a few days and will look at fixing…

Thanks for the reply !

That was probably me, because an earlier version was compiled without enchant support .


Wonderful ! Thanks a lot !


Should get into Tumbleweed in a few cycles: