Claws-mail 3.16 package compiled without spell checker

Hi there !

The current claws-mail version 3.16.0 shipped in openSUSE has been built without Enchant, so no spell checker is available. Probably the issue is related to a change in the names / locations for the newer enchant-2 libs.

You can still use compile 3.16.0 version using the enchant-1 libraries and backends.


Took a brief look at this.
I find it interesting and odd that spell checking has to be compiled into the app and isn’t available as a plugin option.
I also found that others have requested Claws be compiled with spell check for other distros, and that Enchant isn’t the only spell check which can be used (aspell for one is another suggested and apparently supported spell checker).

I’d actually recommend a few conversations first in the Claws community why this architecture that doesn’t support or implementation of spell checking as a plugin, and perhaps a request for a flexible architecture that supports the User able to choose whether to use or not and what spell checker the User wishes.

perhaps a more formal request to the openSUSE maintainer for Claws (and the Claws plugins package) would have more clarity… Because at the moment I can imagine if Claws were compiled with Enchant, some one is going to say “But I want aspell” or some other similar complaint.


Hi Tsu
Thanks for the reply !

Yes, it would be nice to have spell checking using claws plugin capabilities. That said, I like the abstraction level of Enchant. It allows many different spell checkers as backends (aspell, myspell… ) making life easier for the end user.

The issue with the newer enchant-2 libs is known by the claws team, and it has been fixed in the latest development snapshots. In the meantime, and until a new patch for claws 3.16, the workaround is to compile the program using the enchant-1 libs (that’s what I did).