clarification on upgrade to tumbleweed

Ciao, :slight_smile:
1)When I used in the past tumbleweed it was strictly related to a specific distribution version, in the past if you upgrade to tumbleweed from 12.3, to upgrade tumbleweed you had to downgrade to 12.3 upgrade to 13.1 then upgrade to tumbleweed.

2)now, reading in the tumbleweed portal
“The Tumbleweed distribution is a pure rolling release version of openSUSE…”
does “pure rolling release” means that I can upgrade from 13.2 (or the nextcoming leap 42.1) to tumbleweed and proceed with it updating forever??
and it isn’t related to a distribution version??? so I don’t need to start from the next leap release??

3)as I’m interested in upgrade instead of installation, reading in the tumbleweed installation instructions
“Installation ISOs – Recommended for Installation & Upgrades
Please use the DVD if you want to upgrade an existing installation! It is highly recommended that you at least keep a copy of the DVD on you so that you can use it for future installs as well as to rescue your system.

does it means that the upgrade is performed by the DVD like this DVD Installation - x86_64 ??

4)then, as I prefere to upgrade from DVD instead from network to avoid problems if network stop to work:
I read: "Upgrade
There are two tasks needed in order to upgrade from any release to Tumbleweed:

  1. Changing repositories to point to Tumbleweed
  2. Running zypper dup
    to upgrade all packages


Start by removing the existing repos:"

does it means that I have to follow these instructions after having upgraded from DVD?? or that I can upgrade only by network??

5)then I read:
" It’s a good idea to run this command in a screen session to avoid zypper dup from getting killed in case e.g. X dies. To avoid this problem you can use Tmux, too."
does it means that after having done all the operations on repostories in KDE with yast I have to use ctrl>alt>F2, login as root and launch zypper dup???

:slight_smile: manythanks, ciao :slight_smile: Pier

That’s more a switch than upgrade. Hence recommendation to do it offline booting from DVD, because doing it online may break after incompatible packages are installed.

and proceed with it updating forever??

Yes, more or less. Although purists still insist on doing “zypper dup” which is a bit more than pure update.

and it isn’t related to a distribution version???

This is separate distribution, independent on 13.2 or Leap.