ClamTK only GUI update?

I have opensuse 11.2 and when I run ClamTK and click on “help” then “check for updates”, it only checks for GUI updates, not virus database updates. How can I make it check for virus database updates using ClamTK?, because I don’t want to keep using sudo freshclam.

By the way, does ClamAV offer real-time virus monitoring? Or does it only scan files?

Just configure the freshclam service to start and it will do it
automatically as per the /etc/freshclam.conf file.

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how configure the freshclam service to start and automatically update in a scheduled time?

Should we just stop and ask you what you are actually using it for

i want use it for scanning my flash memory because i have windows 7 beside openSUSE 12.1 and i do not like viruses to transfer with flash from linux to windows.
and …
do you have any answer for this thread:
how undate ClamAV?

Ah, windows eh
Never mind, I guess some folks still use it.

You should probably install a anti-virus in windows too.

i have avast anti virus in windows.

> i have avast anti virus in windows.

then use it to scan your flash…

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