ClamAV installed but it dose not appear in the application

Hello I am new to linux I installed ClamAV and it dose not appear to be in the application list I did search for it and it can not be found !.

As if it was not there !!!.

It would be great if some one has an idea what I could do

ClamAV is a CLI application… It needs to be configured to update,
see the man pages (clamd, clamscan). If your running kde, look at
installing Klamav as well it’s the GUI front-end.

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If you want a GUI please install clamtk through yast

> Hello I am new to linux I installed ClamAV and it dose not appear to be

if you are running a stand alone desktop for yourself, you do NOT
need any anti-virus software.

on the other hand, if you are running a mail server for a network
which includes Windows[tm] machines ClamAV is a nice to have feature
to help the Windows[tm] user not self-infect each other via email
through your server…

i’ve used Linux for years and never had any anti-virus software, and
never had a virus.

sure, if running a personal machine and you want to help the
Windows[tm] by not forwarding a virus, then go ahead and spend YOUR
time and electrons helping them with their frail software…

see caveat:
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Thanks for the replay’s I’ve got it sorted I just wanna check files before I e mail them to friends with windows so they do not receive infected files ! .

Thanks again

You can also ask you friend to use decent antivirus software on windows, which is nearly an impossible thing not to have one on windows.

I have the same problem, could you please tell me how you sorted this.>:(