Clam scan results showed numerous malware files. Next steps?

I’m using an AMD Ryzen laptop running Linux Tumbleweed Gnome Wayland. A few days ago I ran a Clam AV scan. Results are here → 2024 07 08 Clam scan - Google Docs

What should I do next?

I only have my laptop and I’m using a wifi hotspot for my internet. No NAS, no router, no server, no homelab, no network, no ethernet.

I don’t know what you’re expecting to hear. If they’re legitimately infected files, delete them?


In case it’s useful, here’s a list of the running processes → 2024 07 08 List of running processes - Google Docs

Here’s the scan results in the paste app → openSUSE Paste

Here’s the running processes in the paste app → openSUSE Paste

This is the first time I’ve run a scan in Linux, so I have no experience base as to the next steps. I just want more experienced users to share their guidance as to next steps. I’m a non-technical Linux noob.

In general, none of those are going to “do” anything to a linux machine, but why keep them around, if there’s any question?

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I’ll do some research on deleting them. Most of the malware files look like ones that target Windows. And I need to see if the malware files are attached to any critical files I need to keep.

Do a search for the alleged virus error: PUA.Pdf.Trojan.EmbeddedJavaScript

Maybe those files have javascript embedded? If so they are treated as suspicious.
Whether malware or something else (e.g. pdfs with “interactive forms”) the antivirus might not be able to tell.

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Just a general remark.

Many Linux using people have a strange approach of security compared with those using Windows.


  • they do not use any so called virus detecting software because they think there are no Linux targeting viruses and even if they exist, the Windows oriented ant-virus programs will not detect them;
  • they do not look into files stored on or many other commercial places for obvious reasons, we have, but I see you have found that in the meantime.
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I haven’t noticed any weird behavior on my system, so I’m guessing all those virus files are just lying dormant. I’m now researching about deleting the files.