Civilisation 5: black screen after start, music is playing - them iam stuck

Iam currently trying to get Civilisation 5 to run on openSUSE 13.1 using steam.
The problem is, that when starting the game using steam, the first thing is that the game seems to start on my outer left monitor not my primary monitor (i have 3 monitors the primary one is the outer right monitor) but thats seems to be a steam problem because nearly all steam games that have no own launcher starts on the left screen not the primary screen.
But the real problem is that after a short moment all screens are black but the music is playing and the mouse cursor is trapped on the left screen, i cannot click anything and i do not know how to get back to the desktop, i then just changed the console via ALT +CTRL + F1 and used:

pkill -9 Civ5XP

to kill the game, then i went back to alt + cntrl + F7 and the game was closed the mouse cursor was not trapped anymore but everything was black.
So i had to restart using another console again:

shutdown -r now

Then after a restart i tried to find a solution for this but the only thing i found was the hint to change the FSResID value from 0 to 6 in the “~/.local/share/Aspyr/Sid\ Meier’s\ Civilization\ 5/GraphicsSettingsDX9.ini”
i did this and started the game again, the result was that this time the intro was actually playing, especially the intro sound was there (the visuals too but again restricted to a quarter of the left screen) i was even able to hit esc to skip the intro but then again everything was black and again and no reaction to key pressing so i had to close/restart the hard way to get back to the desktop again.

Of course i would like to find a way to play the game on openSUSE/linux so i would be very happy if someone could help me with that, but another thing is maybe more important:
i want a way to safely close games which are stuck in such a way, with safely i mean that i can get back to the desktop again without restarting the PC. On windows i there was many ways to start the task manager, the hard way was using cntrl + alt + rem when in the task manager i could be sure that killing the app, that was stuck and prevents my getting back to the desktop again, would get my instantly back to the desktop. Is there such a way on linux/opensuse/kde too?

btw: my hardware specs:
NVIDIA gtx 680 (iam using the proprietary driver/repo)
Inten Core i7-980X (6 physical cores with HT)
24 GB ram