CitrixOnlinePluginWeb - how to add this on susi

hi there,

my company offers me to install a CitrixOnlinePluginWeb - with that i can do some work on the groupware. Well the colleagues told me that i should download an exe-file.

well i want to run the plugin on my opensuse 11.4. How can i do that!?

look forward to hear from you


There seems to be a linux solution from citrix as well, read through this

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| 16GB Ram
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ION | 3GB Ram

hi Martin

many thanks - good to hear that!


Citrix Receiver for Linux 11.100-1 on 11.4. Works great, no issues. Just make sure you have openmotif and openmotiflibs installed before attempting to run it. Have been using Citrix on Linux successfully since 2006.