Cisco VPN Conenction

Hi everyone ,

I use SUSE 12.1 KDE . I want to connect Cisco VPN. I imported cisco certificate to Network Manager. I connect cisco vpn clearly but after 3 - 4 min. connection is corrupted. I have same problem when I use kpvnc.

How can I fix this problem .

If you can connect and then log in and the connection fails later I am not sure that is a VPN problem. What do you mean by the connection is corrupted? Do you connect and log in properly and do anything correct at first? What application are you running after you make the VPN connection?

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I know this problem is vpn problem because While I am using to windows, VPN doesn’t fail anytimes. I use two application which KDE Wireless Manager and Kpvnc . I take same problem these application.

So you have vpnc installed (by default I think) and you are using kpnc (for KDE users) and you have the following information:

  • IPSEC gateway:
    the hostname or IP of the VPN server - IPSEC ID:
    the groupname - IPSEC secret:
    the shared password for the group - your username
  • your password

Is that correct and you use kpnc to enter this information? DO not give us any passwords, but confirm by item that you have all of these and have input same into your vpnc application. When using Windows, its not the same application as Linux and everything must be enterd again. Now do consider you could install Oracles’ VirtualBox, install Windows into VirtualBox and run Windows inside of openSUSE if you needed to do that. I have used the Cisco Client and configuration inside of Windows XP, running as a guest of VirtualBox with a openSUSE Host. I do this because my work does not support Linux but I am allowed to VPN into work using my personnel PC with the correct and up to date user name and password. I am not sure of your situation of course.

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